The Women's March on Springfield was well attended.  I've heard that it was the most well attended march or rally in Springfield history. I'm not sure if that's true, but there were 2,000-2,500 passionate people there to say that they believe in standing up for progress.  
Some of you may know me, but those of you who don't: My name is Bethany Johnson.  I gave a speech at the Women's March on Springfield about LGBT people and the struggles they face.  And I implored people to vote in local elections.  And I also asked a very important question which I have included in the below video.  I asked if people in Springfield are "going to stand up for queer people in [their] community." I was worried when I wrote that speech, that the answer would be no.  Or that the answer would be sparse clapping. The answer was uproarious applause and cheering.  Please watch the video, because I want you to feel what I felt. 

When I heard that, I knew: It's time.  It's time to fight again.  People will tell you not to fight.  People will tell you it can't be done or that they already tried or that it's not the perfect time. Don't listen.  It's time to fight.  People are ready.  A lot of them don't even know they're ready to fight again.  But they are. They're ready and it's time to fight.  So, I'm asking you now like I asked you then:  Are you ready to stand up?  I believe you are.  I believe we are ready.  Queen City LGBT Initiative needs your commitment to volunteer. Queen City LGBT Initiative needs donations - especially if you don't live in Springfield anymore or if you never have and can't volunteer - we need your donations.  I'm a fighter and with your help and with strong community involvement, we will come together again and We. Will. Win.